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KFKI Research Framework

Research framework 2021

The research framework summarizes the research needs identified by KFKI and thereby illustrates
knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to fulfill the tasks of state and federal agencies engaged in
coastal engineering. The research framework thus also forms the content basis for research funding by
the KFKI. For the current research framework, the KFKI has identified four thematic fields for future KFKI
research with the involvement of the specialized administrations associated in the KFKI as well as the
research institutions active in the field of coastal engineering and coastal research. These topics form
the framework within which the KFKI sees the need for research in the future:

• Making coastal infrastructures safe and sustainable
• Capturing and addressing natural and structural data in a targeted manner
• Understanding dynamic coasts as a system
• Climate change - recognizing impacts and developing adaptations

KFKI Research Framework 2021