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EAK - Recommendations for coastal protection structures

Recommendations for coastal protection structures along the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts are developed by working group 'Coastal Protection Structures', which is a Joint Commitee of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT) and the German Port Technology Association (HTG). These recommendations are published as 'Empfehlungen für die Ausführung von Küstenschutzwerken' (EAK) in Die Küste.

The recommendations for coastal protection structures are published in Die Küste. The issues are are no longer available as printed version, however, they can be downloaded here.

EurOtop - Die Küste 73 (2007) first edition 2007, Overtopping Manual present edition 2018

Coastal Protection Strategies - expert committee for coastal protection (FAK) - Die Küste 76 (2009), 1-74, Küstenschutzstrategien - Bericht einer FAK-Arbeitsgruppe