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Manuscripts are submitted using the OMP Software Die Küste. Submission of papers in MS-Word "Die Küste" format template in English or German is preferred, but papers may also be submitted (unformatted) in Latex format. As described in the formatting guidelines, the manuscript, including all figures and tables, should not exceed a total length of 30 pages.
Authors who use Citavi software for reference management purposes can use the Citavi corresponding citation style in Englisch (EN) oder German (DE).

Add citation styles in Citavi
1. Download the German or English citation style for Die Küste. Right mouse button EN or DE - save target as.
2. Find the subfolder "Custom Citation Styles" in your Citavi folder (usually under Documents -> Citavi 6 -> Custom Citation Styles) and paste the downloaded citation style there.
3. Open your Citavi project and select the subitem "Citation Styles" under the tab "Citation". Now you can select and use the citation style for Die Küste.


Authors must check the following before submitting a manuscript: