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The aim of the KFKI - an amalgamation of federal and coastal state administrations engaged in coastal research - is to record and forecast natural processes along the coast. The new KFKI website now permits the targeted search for data at the click of a mouse. Following the relaunch of all available documents and publications from more than 190 research projects in digital form, it is now possible to research the KFKI periodical DIE KÜSTE and the Newsletter online by means of a full-text search.
A major component of the new Internet presence is the North and Baltic Sea Coastal Information System NOKIS. Metadata from 14 federal and state agencies for coastal protection, nature conservation and water resource management are jointly published on this site. This permits an interdepartmental research of contents. Information on completed projects is available for further use on a permanent basis under the heading "Hosted by KFKI". The public section of the site is rounded-off by a compilation of documents and references relating to current problems in coastal engineering.

Under www.kfki.de, scientists and interested public authorities may access up-to-date information on the coastal zones of the North and Baltic Sea. Insider knowledge included: the internal section of the website offers an ideal platform for scientists. As explained by Dr. Rainer Lehfeldt, Managing Director of the KFKI, “At this this level, we offer a central information hub for the transfer of knowledge from the 21 coastal research projects currently being undertaken. Representatives and members of staff of all KFKI committees and all participants in active projects may make use of the documents and material stored on this site for their studies".

The KFKI, with its headquarters in Hamburg, was founded in 1973 as a joint institution serving the German federal government and German coastal states. The head office and library are located on the premises of the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW). The projects undertaken by the KFKI are financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The KFKI offers its services to public authorities, research institutes and the general public.

The “Küste” is the scientific forum for coastal engineering research. Here you will find scientifically-founded articles by national and international authors dealing with questions and answers concerning the most important issues in current coastal research. The “Küste” has been published annually since 1952, with several publications per year in some cases.

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Information on the annual KFKI seminars.


newsletter KFKI aktuell

KFKI aktuell

The KFKI newsletter informs about status and progress in projects on coastal research.


Die Küste

The KFKI journal DIE KÜSTE informs periodicly on topics of coastal research.



Information on past and present KFKI research projects.