In the North and Baltic Sea Coastal Information System NOKIS you may search for data and information relating to the German coastal zone with the aid of metadata. Here, you will find

  • Spatial data from federal and state coastal departments,
  • Information on current and completed coastal research projects,
  • a Gazetteer containing geographical names in the German coastal zone and
  • Articles published in the periodical DIE KÜSTE (forthcoming).

The meta data information system NOKIS has been developed in two KFKI projects. Standardised documentation of data and information from the coastal zone with meta data according to ISO standard 19115 facilitates targeted searching by using keywords as well as temporal and spatial restrictions.

With a BoundingBox the search is limited to the selected area. The meta data used here are maintained with the NOKIS meta data editor by the responsible agencies and contain coordinate information in order to realize this functionality. They are available in the Federal portals for Geo data GeoPortal.Bund and environmental data PortalU.