The North Sea Costal Managers Group (NSCMG)

Who are we

The North Sea Coastal Managers Group is an informal group of coastal managers, advisors of government and public authorities from France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Scotland and Denmark.

We meet once every year at a place by the sea in the different countries.
Our meetings consist of an informative part where each country presents status for the on going activities on the respective coasts and the coming challenges. We also have a part where we discuss how to fulfill our objective by initiating and facilitating new projects, research, communication and so fort.

A walk on the beach or a short excursion can also bee on the agenda. Surely the morning swim in the sea is mandatory which guarantee for awareness right from the start of our meetings.


The North Sea Coastal Managers Group can be contacted via its secretariat hosted by Danish Coastal Authority.

Please contact:

Per Sørensen

Per Sørensen
Danish Coastal Authority
Højbovej 1, 7620 Denmark
Telephone: +45 99 63 63 63

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