Research funding

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides funds for coastal research projects submitted to the KFKI.
Grants to cover conference travel costs incurred by young scientists are catered for in the KFKI budget.

KFKI projects


Funding regulations

  • eneral ancillary provisions for BMBF project grants (ANBest-P)
  • Special ancillary provisions for BMBF project grants on an expenditure basis (BNBest-BMBF 98)
  • Additional ancillary provisions and information relating to KFKI projects (NB-KFKI)

Travel expenses

With the aim of promoting the next generation of researchers, the KFKI offers young scientists the opportunity to apply for grants to cover conference travel expenses.


As soon as an abstract has been submitted for a conference, this may be sent to the KFKI secretariat informally together with an estimate of costs.