Federal and state administrations engaged in coastal research amalgamated in 1973 to form the German Coastal Engineering Research Council (Kuratorium für Forschung im Küsteningenieurwesen (KFKI)).
The head office of the KFKI is located on the premises of the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW)).

Central Tasks

Salzwiese Eiderstedt

  • The major task of the KFKI was declared to be the investigation as well as the forecasting of natural processes, with the aim of securing an environmentally compatible and sustainable utilisation of the coast and the coastal foreshore. This task will also shape future research in coastal engineering.
  • Promotion of the documentation, distribution and utilization of research findings in the coastal zone is one of the major tasks of the KFKI.
  • Publication of the Die Küste journal and the KFKI newsletter as well as the upkeep of a scientific library and a collection of periodicals relating to coastal engineering.
  • All reports and publications relating to KFKI research projects are maintained in bibliographic form and are also available to a large extent online.

MDI-DE – German Marine Data Infrastructure

KFKI was substantially involved in the development of the German Marine Data Infrastructure. Altogether, 11 federal and state authorities responsible for coastal engineering, the protection of coastal waters, marine environmental protection and marine nature conservation were working side by side in this joint MDI-DE project .

The former project partners concluded an administrative agreement for the maintenance and advancement of the MDI-DE (VKoopUIS Marine data infrastructure Germany (MDI-DE)) on 01.04.2014 , in order to co-operate permanently and to operate the common internet portal

By way of the standardized metadata for documentation and the associated OGC-compatible web services for the use of marine data, the MDI-DE considerably facilitates compliance with the statutory requirements of INSPIRE and other EG directives.

KFKI Seminars

Information on the annual KFKI seminars.


newsletter KFKI aktuell

KFKI aktuell

The KFKI newsletter informs about status and progress in projects on coastal research.


Die Küste

The KFKI journal DIE KÜSTE informs periodicly on topics of coastal research.



Information on past and present KFKI research projects.