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Die Küste

Die Küste

The KFKI is the publisher of the publication series DIE KÜSTE, which has reported on coastal research issues regularly since 1952. In particular, this publication series includes reports on KFKI research projects, reference works and contributions dealing with special topics.

DIE KÜSTE may be found in libraries with sections devoted to coastal engineering as well as online in the WebOPAC of the Central Library of Waterways Engineering (VZB) of the German Federal Waterways and Navigation Administration (WSV).


The contents lists of publications are available for downloading.

Die Küste” Empfehlungen Küstenschutzwerke - EAK

The recommendations for coastal protection structures are no longer available in printed form. They may, however, be downloaded in digital form on this site.

  • EAK 1993 - Die Küste 55 (1993) [ 114MB ][ Korrekturen zu 55 (1993) ]
  • EAK 2002 - Die Küste 65 (2002) [ 37 MB ] Korrekturen erschienen im Heft 71 (2006) und in der korrigierten Ausgabe 2007 [ Korrekturen zu 65 (2002) ]
  • EAK 2002/2007 - Die Küste 65 (2002) korrigierte Ausgabe 2007 [ 54 MB ] Korrekturen erscheinen in der korrigierten Ausgabe 2018 [ Korrekturen zu 65 2002/2007 ]
  • EAK 2002/2015 - Die Küste 65 (2002) Korrigierte Ausgabe 2007 unveränderter Nachdruck 2015 [ 61MB ] Korrekturen erscheinen in der korrigierten Ausgabe 2018 [ Korrekturen zu 65 2002/2007/2015 ]
  • EAK 2002/2018 - Die Küste 65 (2002) Korrigierte Ausgabe 2018 erscheint mit allen eingearbeiteten Korrekturen 2019

EurOtop - Die Küste 73 (2007) [ 8MB ] Overtopping Manual present Edition 2018

Küstenschutzstrategien - FAK - Die Küste 76 (2009), 1-74 [ 3MB ]


The publication series “Die Küste” (price list) are presently available from the book publishers Koch, Neff & Volckmar or the Hydraulic Engineering Information Centre IZW of the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW)) (Publisher) .

The retail price for issues of "Die Küste" is fixed by the publishers over a five year period. They may be subsequently obtained from the KFKI Geschäftsstelle
• at a special price of 5,- € per issue or
• as a collective purchase order including Issues for 130,- €

Information for authors

Please submit your manuscripts to the KFKI secretariat and use the MS Word format template for preparing your script.

If you use Citavi for managing your literature, please use the Citavi format template and the corresponding citation styles DE and EN

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by expert referees prior to publication. The editor-in-chief (Redaktionsleiter der Küste) of the Küste supervises the anonymous assessment process.

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Information on the annual KFKI seminars.


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KFKI aktuell

The KFKI newsletter informs about status and progress in projects on coastal research.


Die Küste

The KFKI journal DIE KÜSTE informs periodicly on topics of coastal research.



Information on past and present KFKI research projects.