Die North Sea Costal Managers Group (NSCMG)


Document Year Abstract Size
Recommendations for Assessing Environmental Impact of sand nourishment 2011 NSCM has made a report recommending the proces of assessing Environmental Impact of sand noursihment, collecting the knowledge and experiences in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark. 885,49 KB
Die Küste, 72 (2007), 105-123, Die Küste, 72 (2007), 65-103 2007 Tsunami-Waves in the North Sea 3,11 MB
NSCMG statement flood directive 2006 NSCMG has made a statement to the planned EU Flooding directive in 2006. 9,94 KB
Die Küste, 70 COMRISK (2005) 2005 COMRISK - Common Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Storm Floods in Coastal Lowlands 7,71 MB
Tsunami events in the North Sea 2005 Preliminary common understanding of the North Sea Coastal Managers Group, April 2005 4,35 KB
Beach nourishments, practices 2002 This paper describes the beach nourishment projects and objectives, practices in Europe. 1,95 MB
Nourishment practices in the North Sea Countries May 2000 2000 This report is prepared by the North Sea Coastal Mangers Group in 2000 and gives an overview of the nourishment practices in the North Sea countries in 2000. 6,76 MB
Information Exchange with Coastal Engineering Metadata 1999 Terms of reference for a European Coastal Engineering Metadata Center
51,23 KB